I had two more bentos!

The first one is a seasonal bento which focused on mushrooms. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ve had it before and maybe even posted about it when I did, but this is still a delicious treat, so I’m posting it again!

img_5989 img_5990 img_5991 img_5992

The next one I know I haven’t had befoe, because it was AMAZING! This one is probably the best bento I have ever had… I was flipping out about it for a solid chunk of time after having finished it. If I could, I would love to relive the moments of tasting those different flavors for the first time. Not yet possible, but maybe technology or Willy Wonka will make it happen. img_6058 img_6059 img_6060

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2 Responses to Bentoooooos!

  1. Deborah Young says:

    What was in the second box? we, your reading public, have become accustomed to more precise descriptions than “it was awesome.” It leaves us salivating but with no clear flavor to fantasize!


  2. Shanna Bryant says:

    Are those mushrooms on the rice? Dang that all looks so good!


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