First Ramen of the New Year

Back on January 9th, we headed over to Omori to sample the signature bowl of “Homemade Ramen” Muginae. It’s only been open for less than a year, but has already earned a reputation as one of the top ramen places in Tokyo. It’s currently ranked #2 on the list of best ramen shops put out by popular Japanese restaurant guide, Tabelog. The store itself had a very quaint feeling, a bit different from the usual dive-y, but functional decor of most ramen places.IMG_3175.JPG

The kitchen itself was quite clean and well-organized too:IMG_3176.JPG

The shop is know for being very choosy about which ingredients they use to create their very specific bowl of soy sauce ramen. Free-range chickens for the broth, and craft soy sauces for the flavoring. Everything is Japanese and hand-selected. From the flour used in the house-made noodles, to the pork and chicken toppings. Visually, even just the color of the dish is excellent and gives off an air of deliciousness:IMG_3177.JPG

If you are a fan of soy sauce-flavored ramen, it doesn’t get better than this. We got the “special” which comes with all the fixin’s. It had all the usual suspects: nori (dried seaweed), half-boiled egg, bamboo shoots, wonton, and meat. The meat toppings were unique though. There were three different kinds: roast pork shoulder slices, kakuni (pork belly but prepared differently from the usual chashu), and chicken thigh. The chicken and kakuni are hidden under the pork shoulder slices in this picture.

Also, fun fact: the bowls themselves are hand-made by a local artisan.


Everything was perfect, and this is easily one of the best ramen dishes we’ve had in Japan.

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2 Responses to First Ramen of the New Year

  1. kimsg870 says:

    Yes, please and thank you.. 😀 Seriously. This needs to happen when I am in Tokyo. 😀 That is all. ‘K, thanks! 🙂 xx


  2. Shanna Bryant says:

    Oh my word that looks fantastic!


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