Hot Spoon beef curry

On a cold winter’s day (this was back in January) few things hit the spot like a steaming, hearty, bowl of beef curry.IMG_3184.JPG

Specifically, this curry is made with beef tendon, which gives it a richer flavor than something like CoCo’s pork curry. Additionally, the sauce is a bit thinner, and it’s filled with huge chunks of vegetables and meat. Kind of like a thick beef stew.

The rice and extra toppings come out on a separate plate so the curry can be served in a sizzling earthenware bowl, as hot as possible.

We got two different kinds, vegetable curry (you can’t see the chunks of beef, but they’re there):IMG_3187.JPG

…and hamburger curry, which comes with a beef hamburger patty instead of chunks.IMG_3188.JPG

It wasn’t spicy like an Indian curry, but the combination with a beef stew-like sauce with traditional curry spices was a winner for us.

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One Response to Hot Spoon beef curry

  1. Muriel goldfarb says:

    Hope you are planning a ramen encyclopedia! I miss you both and hope to see you soon


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