Udon in Kawasaki

We made a brief trip over to Kawasaki (for reasons revealed in a later post) and stopped into Menitteki for some udon noodles and a selection of seasonal tempura.

In addition to the standard hot udon soup, they have some really unique udon-based creations.

The light broth and springy, house-made noodles were great. IMG_3231.JPG

The other dish was cold udon served with shrimp and mochi tempura. It was really unique and very good.IMG_3237.JPG

We also got some gorgeous tempura side-dishes. First is Japanese sweet potato, and next was potato shredded and served with a pat of butter.IMG_3233.JPGIMG_3234.JPG


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One Response to Udon in Kawasaki

  1. Beth Beringer says:

    I hope you are all having a great time! 


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