Anata no Warehouse

Anata no Warehouse (Your Warehouse) is a particularly interesting video arcade designed to look like a cyberpunk Kowloon walled city. The building itself strikes quite an imposing visage looming out from the Kawasaki skyline typically populated by Japanese apartment and office buildings.IMG_3239.jpg

The front entrance is meticulously designed to appear like a dilapidated, back-alley, less-than-reputable depot.IMG_3253.JPG

A long, dank, shadowy corridor covered with dripping, rusted pipes and torn paper posters leads to the elevators and escalators.IMG_3243IMG_3244

Designed to look like rusted-out, derelict deathtraps, the elevators and escalators are actually quite modern and perfectly safe.

Arriving on the second floor, you are greeted by an open foyer that appears to be crammed with multiple decrepit, overpopulated building facades, while the floor-space is crowded with rows of retro arcade machines from the 80s and 90s.IMG_3245.jpgIMG_3247.JPGIMG_3246.JPG

Going up another floor reveals pachinko and medal-game machines as well as entire room interiors convincingly modeled after those found in the former Kowloon walled city. The detail in these reconstructions is astounding with sagging wires and rusty pipes snaking up the rusty, ruined walls into the ceiling and floor.IMG_3249.JPGIMG_3248.jpg

In the rooms there were even televisions broadcasting contemporary (for when Kowloon city existed) programming.IMG_3251.JPG

The top floor is lavished with elite, luxurious decorations designed for the fictional upper-class minorities that rule the world in typical cyberpunk fiction (wow, how far-fetched!). It’s also filled with pool tables, dart boards, and other bar-style games.IMG_3252.JPG

To exit out the rear of the building, you have to go through a door surrounded by sinister geomantic runes into a “sewer” lit by nauseating green lights, and out the back door.IMG_3242.jpgIMG_3241.JPG

Even the trash cans in the parking garage are decorated to fit the theme of the structure. Every detail was so meticulously portrayed that it was impossible to tell that the building wasn’t authentically constructed 30 years earlier in an alternate cyberpunk future. Very impressive.



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