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With Miyuki In Chiba-ken!

While I’ve loved the time I’ve spent living in Tokyo, I’ll always treasure the memories and people I met– one of whom is Miyuki! Miyuki and I have texted on a regular basis since I left and we’ve discussed meeting … Continue reading

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Kawasaki Again!

One of the biggest regrets of my time in Tokyo was when we had to leave Anata no Warehouse because the smoking wasn’t mixing well with my bronchial infection. Because of that, it was on my list to return. But before … Continue reading

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Ajitoism (Fusion Ramen)

Let me be frank: Ajitoism is not for the traditionalists out there. Once you’ve tried enough different types of ramen, it can be a nice change to try something completely random. Ajitoism is that. Most of their staple menu is … Continue reading

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Nikko (Loads of pictures!)

After my parents left but before we started to take care of moving, Sam and I wanted to make sure we got in one more trip; for this we visited a place which I had been dying to go to … Continue reading

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Stardom women’s wrestling

Last month, we went to a different kind of wrestling show. In Japan, women’s wrestling has been regarded with equal prestige as men’s wrestling for decades. And while women’s promotions aren’t selling-out 30,000-seat stadiums like they were in the 90s, … Continue reading

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Parents’ Visit

For a few days my parents stopped over on their way back from China. It was a great visit, but I don’t know that I took so many pictures so be warned about that. Anyway, the weather was supposed to be … Continue reading

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Sugamo (Japanese garden and Michelin Starred Ramen)

With my job coming to an end and our final days in Japan upon us, we knew we needed to really think about what we wanted to get done and experience before we got on our plane– Sugamo had two … Continue reading

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