Nikko (Loads of pictures!)

After my parents left but before we started to take care of moving, Sam and I wanted to make sure we got in one more trip; for this we visited a place which I had been dying to go to for a few months: Nikko. Nikko is North of Tokyo, in Tochigi, near a national forest and in an area filled with historic sites and shrines. We stayed in a lovely hostel, Nikkorisou Backpackers, and did our best to thoroughly explore the area. In one day we must have climbed over 500 steps… My legs were killing me.

While in Nikko, aside from the shrines there is also tons of yuba, or tofu skin. This is one of the town’s specialties, so it’s a must-have when in the vacinity! We partook of quite a bit of yuba, including a yuba set meal. Take a look:

Set meal

We also had a ginger pork bowl, since Sam doesn’t love yuba as much as I do. Also, pork is said to be pretty fantastic in that area as well, so we wanted to see if this was one of the special pork bits. It was quite good.

We also had a age yuba manju, which is a fried yuba manju (a type anko filled cake-y bit). This had a sprinkling of salt and was divine, but then I binged a bit too much…

The second day of our trip we went to a huge historic mansion, Tamozawa Villa, which also had extensive gardens:

After we finished there, we went to an area called the Abyss, which was an area with little stone buddhas, a rushing river, and pure serenity.

We then grabbed some yuba soba, which was absolutely delicious, and then went to our final shrine before we trekked back to Tokyo:

The shrine was under renovations, but they had a museum type of area where you could wander around in. Unfortunately, as with most of Nikko, pictures were off limits for most locations.


After we made it back to Tokyo, we relaxed off the train with some kaitenzushi, which happened to have a young green onion sushi I’d been wanting to try! It was as good as I had hoped:

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One Response to Nikko (Loads of pictures!)

  1. Deb says:

    So glad you got to go. After reading this, Nikko is definitely on my list the next time I’m in Japan – although I may have to get ready by climbing stairs in skyscrapers! Great photos!


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