Ajitoism (Fusion Ramen)

Let me be frank: Ajitoism is not for the traditionalists out there.

Once you’ve tried enough different types of ramen, it can be a nice change to try something completely random. Ajitoism is that. Most of their staple menu is composed of Italian/ramen fusion, with their most popular and well-known dish being… ピザそば (Pizza soba)! This is an Italian style of mazesoba, which is a soupless style noodle dish. They also have つけ麺ペペロッソ (tsukemen pepe roso) which is a dipping noodle dish with a spicy tomato base.

Pizza soba. There is cheese and sauce hidden underneath that mountain of toppings. If I went again, I’d opt for no anchovies, since that was sometimes an overpowering flavor. 

Tsukemen pepe roso. Purely tasty with the simple Italian soup blending quite well with the seasoned noodles. 


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