Kawasaki Again!

One of the biggest regrets of my time in Tokyo was when we had to leave Anata no Warehouse because the smoking wasn’t mixing well with my bronchial infection. Because of that, it was on my list to return. But before we went to the warehouse, we went out for some korean food and a little dessert parfait!

We then went over to Anata no Warehouse and played pool, arcade games, and I won a friggin’ ice cream machine!

After winning the ice cream machine, I proceeded to jump around screaming with pure glee. Also, the bathrooms are super funny! The mens’:

And the ladies’:Overall, an awesome night and an amazing place.

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One Response to Kawasaki Again!

  1. Shanna Bryant says:

    I have often wondered what a men’s bathroom looks like. Pretty much what I expected;)


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