Murasaki Kuroki (Motenashi Kuroki)

Sorry for the long break. We moved back to America and were dealing with… that. So. Anyway, here’s the first of our last few outings before we had to pack it up and ship off:

Murasaki Kuroki is a small shop with a big following in Akihabara. Some circles of the ramen-sphere (strictly speaking, that’s not a real thing so don’t ask me about that) think of this place as one of the best bowls of ramen you can get in Tokyo.

They’re best known for their kamosoba, or duck soba. You can see that pictures above and below. It’s quite good, but not entirely to my tastes. Still, I can see how this would be considered a rival to the best out there.

One thing which you might notice is the large slice of onion there, which was really tasty. Also, that slab of duck was fantastic as well. The menma, marinated bamboo shoots, were also fantastic and, possibly, some of Sam’s favorite that he’s had. It’s been a while, so that might not be true.

What you don’t see pictured above is the option for the handmade noodles. Instead, check those out below:

The difference between the hand rolled noodles and the thinner noodles was staggering; the noodles took the broth completely differently, the hand rolled ones sticking to the fat much more. In the end, the simple shift made the soup a completely different experience.

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