Nakano Broadway

Nakano is the most densely populated portion of Tokyo, which is easily accessible through Shinjuku. It has a building called, Nakano Broadway, which is something like 7 stories tall and filled with otaku (obsessively geeky/dorky) wares, while the basement has some restaurants and a supermarket.

Here’s some shots of the upstairs, before we delve into food:


One place we went to in the basement served a stack of flavored soft-serve; there were something like 8 flavors, but we stuck with 4.

We went with the (from top to bottom) ramune (soda) flavor, sweet potato, black sesame, and chocolate. All of them were fantastic.

We also got some Indian style curry, since a bunch of shops happened to be closed the day we went (I can’t remember why). That being said, it was a damn good curry.

On our way out of Nakano Broadway, we stopped to grab a quick purple sweet potato dango. Sorry for second picture which is potato quality. Hah! Hilarious.

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