We’ve been before, but we wanted to try it again before we left. We managed to get at least one new thing that’s really controversial; whale sushi. If you’re against eating this, that’s fine and I truly understand feeling that way. As for me, I’ve set out to try everything, which includes whale. So, I did that.

What we found most surprising about the whale sushi was that it actually tastes really good. I mean, we thought this was just one of those things people kept eating because it was eaten, but this was actually just really good.

I also got a takenoko nigiri, which is a bamboo shoot nigiri sushi. As it’s a seasonal thing (spring), I wanted to try it out. I can still taste it, and I’m not so sure I love that… But, if you like bamboo shoots, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from liking this.

* * *

I also got a strawberry cream cheese taiyaki on the way home, which was awesome.


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