Not dead, just sick…

For anyone out there that might have noticed there has been a long absence, I’ve been sick. Working in another country will expose your immune system to many new, exciting things; working in another country with kids will do that aggressively…

Anyway, I might do a post or two in the future, but I can’t make any promises. Last weekend I started to notice that I was sick and then I started an incredibly steep decline. I spent that weekend feeling crappy, had to work through the week since no one could cover for me, and am still on the mend now. However, the silver lining would have to be that Sam and I spent the day reading Kurage Hime (a manga that I’ve put off reading for two years because I knew it would consume me). It was pretty great.

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5 Responses to Not dead, just sick…

  1. deb92024 says:

    You KNOW we want you to get better quickly but it always bears repeating. XOX


  2. Beth Beringer says:

    I hope you develop an amazing immune defense to all ills there… XOXO, Beth & Daniel


  3. Bernie says:

    Sorry that you’re ill. You’ll get better. Just rest a lot. Love, Bernie


  4. Muriel says:

    Darling girl, Pls get well! We love you so much!


  5. Shanna Bryant says:

    Doll!! Have some nice chicken soup! I love you! xo


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