Food Fest – Curry

So, for our final food fest of the month, we went to curry fest.

Curry is incredibly common in Japan, typically the Japanese variety that has a thicker sauce spiced primarily with garam masala. Two of the chains Sam and I frequent are CoCo’s curry (known for being customizable) and Go Go curry (which we’ve shown before; it has a darker sauce and is normally topped with at least one form of katsu or fried cutlet).

For this curry fest, we wanted to make sure we got some dishes that weren’t our standard. We ordered a two curry set which had some Indian curries, a coconut based curry, and a dried curry that was served with a moat of demi-glace sauce. All of them were surprisingly cheap, delicious, and generally interesting.

We had a good time at this festival, but I’m pretty tired of writing about food festivals so you might think we didn’t. You’d be wrong. Because we did.

Here’s some pictures:


On the left you’ll see the dried curry. The right we have the Thai coconut based curry. 


These were the two Indian curries… I’m thinking it was butter chicken and keema. Yes. Definitely keema! Oh, also a mango juice, samosa, rice, and naan.


Currrrrrryyyyyyy fest!


I forgot to mention, we had this for dessert. It’s a frozen apricot puree. Highly recommend.

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